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When Do Brand Names Matter?

Do brands really matter? In the world of HVAC you bet!

Something most people don't consider when it comes time to choose their new heating or cooling system is that as it gets older if they want to be able to have it repaired instead of replaced the parts will need to still be available. Did you know that installing a name brand furnace makes it easier to get parts in the future?

We are proud to be your local Trane dealer!

Trane has more than 120 years of experience in the business. They build products that are efficient to operate, work when they’re supposed to, last for a long time and create the ideal home environment. It’s that kind of tradition and reliability that’s earned them America’s Most Trusted® HVAC System†.

At Trane, they design, test and build their own parts. Trane pushes them beyond industry standards, making sure they match the quality and innovation people expect when they own a Trane. Each detail is expertly designed and rigorously tested.

Every Trane unit is tested, retested, and tested again.

They put their products through 16 weeks of bone-chilling cold and blistering heat, in repeating two-week sessions. Some units endure more than 2,600 hours of continuous testing. They've even encased units in solid ice to make sure they keep running.

The result of our rigorous testing? Reliable units guaranteed to keep you comfortable in even the most extreme climates.

Not every dealer is a Trane Comfort Specialist. A Trane Comfort Specialist is an independent Trane dealer committed to being the best in installation, service, customer satisfaction and employee training (That's us here at Service First Tradeworks Ltd!).

For all your plumbing, heating, and cooling needs. Give us a call at Service First Tradeworks Ltd. (250) 832-5558 or (250) 675-3668.


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