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DIY Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree Forest

I was trying to come up with something to share on our blog post this week and my niece said, "How about a Christmas craft using toilet paper rolls?" A quick google search and I discovered and her beautiful toilet paper roll Christmas trees!!


-empty toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls

-marker or pencil for sketching tree shapes

-craft paint of choice



1. Take your cardboard rolls and flatten them a little so you know where to draw your tree.

*Tip: She used various toilet paper and paper towel rolls so she could get different sizes with her trees. She liked the dimension and height differences it gave when putting them all together in the end.

2. Draw your tree shape on the cardboard however you want it to look. Make sure to leave a bottom for your tree to stand up with. She left the bottoms of her rolls about 1-2 cms in height.

3. Start cutting around your lines, but be sure to have the roll still connected on some parts of the tree. This will help with the balance of the tree and for painting when the cardboard gets wet.

For example: The tips on my tree branches are still connected after she cut around the outlined tree shape.

4. Once your shape is cut out, "fluff" out your tree a little so the bottom part is rounded again and is able to stand up. She had to pinch/fold it the opposite way it was folded before to bring it back to shape.

5. Grab your favorite paint colors you want to paint your trees and get creative!

*Tip: Choose 3-4 of colors for your palette, mix them to make different shades, make patterns, or use the cardboard color itself for a neutral look. This will make it more appealing to your eyes when the colors are all coordinating and draw your eyes in to look at it more.

6. When you're done set them up on your mantle, or in little vignettes around your house. She put them next to some ceramic white houses they pull out each year and loved how they contrast next to the houses. You can also use battery operated candles to put inside them to light them up. She used some copper wire lights they had and intertwined them in the trees and houses and she loved the simple, magical look to it all!

Check out her full updated tutorial at

For all you plumbing, heating, and cooling needs give us a call at Service First Tradeworks Ltd. (250) 832-5558 or (250) 675.3668. Happy crafting!


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