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Earth Day

In honour or Earth day, we thought we’d let you know of some water-saving tips you might find useful:

Washing Dishes

Shower bucket - Instead of letting the water pour down the drain while you wait for your shower to warm up, put a bucket under the faucet. You can use the water for flushing the toilet or watering your plants.

Repair your leaks - Fixing dripping faucets, outdoor hose bibbs and running toiliets can mean big water savings.

Select efficient fixtures - Aerating your faucets, investing in a low-flow toilet, choosing efficient shower heads, and opting for ENERGY STAR rated appliances can add up to big water savings.

Hand-washing a lot of dishes? - Fill up your sink with water, instead of letting it run the entire time you’re scrubbing.

Wash Rover outdoors - That way, you’re watering your yard while you’re cleaning your pup. Just make sure that the soap you’re using is environmentally safe!

Water fact: The average Canadian household uses 329 liters of water per day - that’s second only to the US, and twice as much as Europeans!

Contact Service First Tradeworks for information on water-saving fixtures and appliances for your home! (250) 832- 5558 or (250) 675-3668.

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