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Looking for Instant Hot Water?

We can install a Grundfos Comfort System for you!

The Grundfos Comfort System is a pump and valve combination that delivers you hot water in an instant to any faucet or bath in your home. The Comfort System uses a pump at your water heater along with the patented under sink valve beneath the sink furthest away from the pump.

The Grundfos recirculation pump's comfort systems patented combination creates a pressure differential that allows the cold and cool water in the hot water supply line to “by-pass" (at low volume) into the cold supply line through a thermostatically controlled valve that is mounted under the sink furthest from the water heater. Applications: This combination works together to keep the water in your hot water line at temperature to provide “no-wait" hot water throughout your home. The timer on the pump makes it more efficient during downtime, like nights or mid-day. It’s quiet, maintenance-free, and keeps your water at a comfortable temperature. Features:

  • Retrofits to existing plumbing

  • No return line required

  • No electricity needed under the sink

  • Built-in timer & line cord

  • Uses less energy than a 25-watt light bulb

  • Saves up to 12,000 gallons of water per year

Contact us for more details or to book an appointment.

For all your plumbing, heating and cooling needs give us a call at Service First Tradeworks Ltd. (250) 832-5558 or (250) 675-3668. We are always happy to help :)

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