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New and Improved Rebates from Fortis BC!

The 2019 FortisBC rebates have been announced! FortisBC is offering a significant scale-up to their rebate offerings to customers – meaning this is a great time to consider replacing your aging furnace, boiler or hot water heater, or to increase your efficiency by upgrading. Condensing tankless hot water heaters, FortisBC is offering customers a rebate increased from $500 to $1000

Eligible boilers can receive $500 (Now a year round offer!!)

Furnaces can receive up to $700 (Now a year round offer!!)

Take advantage of these rebates until December 31st, 2019! You can have a brand new, energy and cost efficient model installed for low monthly payments, making it even more affordable. Increasing the efficiency of your appliance and home heating and cooling systems will not only decrease your energy consumption and cost, but also increase the comfort of your home or office building. You’ll definitely notice the difference!

For more information on 2019 FortisBC Rebates for Service First Tradeworks Ltd, give our friendly staff a call today at (250) 832-5558 or (250) 675-3668!

FortisBC Trade Ally Member
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