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Tips Before You Head On A Summer Holiday

With no end in sight to this beautiful weather, you may be thinking of heading off for a weekend or a longer get away. At Service First Tradeworks we have a few recommendations before you leave on a summer holiday:

1. Shut your main water off - If your main water is off you don't have to worry about any unforeseen leaks causing damage to your home while you are away.

2. Turn your hot water tank to pilot (if it is gas) or turn your breaker off (if it's electric) - Turning your water heater off while you are away will save you some costs so you aren't heating your water when you won't be using it.

3. Turn off your AC - There's no need to spend money cooling your home while you are away unless you have pets that will still be living in the house. If you have an automated system you can start to cool your home a few hours before you get back so it's comfortable for your return.

One last tip!

If you have outdoor irrigation but it is piped into your main water so it doesn't work while the main water to your house is shut off, give us a call and we can remedy that so your plants are happy while you are gone!

Happy holidaying!!

For all your plumbing, heating, and cooling needs give us a call at (250) 832-5558 or (250) 675-36668.

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